Monday, 2 February 2015

Nature of Finland

A world of wild contrasts
24 Nov 2014 | From  Tuija and Antti of Finland

Finland is a heaven for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. 69% of Finland is covered by forests, while 10% of the country is covered by lakes. There are over 30 National Parks, 20 Nature Reserves and many more areas of untouched wilderness, where you can go hiking or picking wild berries or mushrooms.

Finland is a complex and diverse country that it is not easy to describe in a single word. Finland is fortunate to have four different seasons. People travel from the archipelago in the springtime to the lush summer in the lake district, then experiences the forests and bogs during the fall, until finally arriving at the cold and dark midwinter in Lapland. The same lake where people come to swim and sail in summer forms a perfect skating rink or skiing arena in the winter. 

In Finland nature is everywhere around you. Even in the biggest cities, the nearest forest or sea shore is close by. Water is never far away. Dense forests always await somewhere nearby. And there is also sure to be open bog or farmland within easy reach. All of these landscapes are part of Finland’s varied natural scene.

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