Sunday, 1 February 2015

Map of Belarus through symbols

Symbols of Belarus
24 Nov 2014 | From Natalia of Belarus

I wonder how many designs are there in this postcard series collection. I have already received one before - The Nature of Belarus. This postcard is my second. It would be cool to receive them all. Hello, Belarusian Postcrossers! :)

Wheat ears, a wisent, a white stork, and cornflower are considered to be unofficial symbols of Belarus. The European bison, commonly called the wisent, is seen as a symbol of Belarus and the Belavezha Forest. It is also featured on the symbols of Brest Oblast. Belarusian people are very fond of storks. Many folk legends are associated with these birds and they are regarded to be holy birds in Belarus. They represent peace and good luck.

The symbol of the Belarusian fields is the cornflower - a wildflower with star-like blossoms of brilliant blue. People sometimes call Belarus as the blue-eyed country. Wheat is commonly associated with Belarusian cuisine. The elements of the nationalemblem of Belarus include a ribbon in the colors of the national flag, a map of Belarus, wheat ears and a red star.

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