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Nature of Belarus

Nature of Belarus
25 Oct 2013 | From Lora and Antonio of Belarus

This is the other postcard that arrived in the mail from Lora and his son, Antonio. They wrote a lot of personal things, as well as some information about their country - Belarus.

Belarus is situated in the center of Europe. That is why Belarus is often regarded as the heart of Europe. According to Lora, the standard of living in Belarus is far from most European countries. A lot of young people leave Belarus for other countries to earn money.

She also wrote that people in Belarus are hospitable and kind. They always wear a smile, and are more reserved compared to their neighboring countries.

Belarus’ unique natural environment is host to a fascinating selection of rare plant and animal species. Belarus is a very green landscape. Natural vegetation covers 93.1% of the land, and 1/3 of all green landscape is forest. Belarus is also home to a huge array of wild animals and birds, many of them rare species.

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