Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How do you say 'book' in German?

Pilgern de Luxe by Andreas Zimmermman
21 Apr 2015 | From Andreas of Germany

Here are the contents of the parcel which I received from Andreas last April 10th. I waited eleven days before I could finally open it (I never peeked!). But even before opening the parcel I can already tell that it was a book. I have been 'touching' and 'feeling' the package for days! What kept the suspense is the anticipation of finally knowing what book it was.

To my surprise, it was a book completely written in German - and was written by Andreas himself! I never knew he was an author! I think the title is translated as 'De Luxe Pilgremage' in english. I haven't read musch of the book now - I first need to learn the German language - only a few pages to which my friend would laugh at me for my funny and weird accent and pronunciations. She's Filipino-German. She knows better German than me.

According to Andreas the book is about their, his and his wife's, 3,000 km walk from Wolgsthal in East of Austria to Santiago in West of Spain. On the cover is the boots he was wearing up to the 2,000 km.

The German word for "book" is "buch".

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