Monday, 10 August 2015

Written in the faces

Three men and a map
17 Apr 2015 | From Lidiya of Ukraine

I was having a hard time trying to translate the words written in front of the postcard as some are in cursive. However I'm pretty sure the last word is translated to Ukraine. It can't be 'Greetings from Ukraine' as a whole though. Hmm or is it? Maybe I should ask Lidiya next time...

The postcard shows three men standing behind each other, and onto them a part of Ukraine's map is drawn. I'm not certain if the three men represents something. But I can tell that they are wearing a Hutsul, a traditional Ukrainian dress.

Probably the first most noticeable feature in the Hutsuls’ dress is that men like to wear more decorations on their dress than women. Men’s shirts have lavishly embroidered fronts, and embroidered strips around the neck and on the sleeves.


  1. Hello, Riku :) Words on this postcard in English: "The unity and strength of Ukraine!" And sorry but these men are "Kozaki" (one man - "Kozak") not Hutsul :)
    p.s. Hello form Cyprus and Ukraine :)

    1. Thanks, Andy! And a big 'hello' to you and Anastasiia :)