Thursday, 18 June 2015

Italian Art Appreciation

da Vinci and Carraci
30 Mar 2015 | From Roberto of Italy

This card is actually two what-may-seem-to-be-an-ad-card glued together to form one postcard. The original backside of the front-card contains too many texts to write a message or even the address. And the original front side of the back-card only contains random texts that it would not pass as a postcard. I figured that much because the two cards are not entirely glued. I was trying to separate them thinking that there may be a hidden surprise within. But before I could tear the two postcards apart, I realized that there isn't one. It is just what it is - two cards glued together :p

The front card is most likely from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. Leonardo da Vinci is without a doubt one of the most famous Tuscan and Italian historical figures of all time. The Leonardo Museum presents one of the most extensive and most original collections devoted to the multiple interests of Leonardo  the technologist,  the architect, the man of science and, more generally, to the History of Renaissance techniques. It is located in the heart of Florence, and gives visitors the sensation to be immersed in a history of extraordinary relevance.

The backside shows the La Madonna con il Bambino e Santi with a matching stamp. 'The Madonna and Child with Saints' by Agostino Carracci, an Italian painter and printmaker, is an oil painting on canvas dated, as stated in the inscription on the edge of the step down, in 1586. The work is preserved at the National Gallery Parma. In the painting, the figures of the saints are arranged symmetrically around the throne on which sits Mary which common in the sixteenth century altarpieces.

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