Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Belarusian alphabet

Speak and write in Belarusian
10 Mar 2015 | From Natasha of Belarus

The Belarusian alphabet is based on the Cyrillic script and is derived from the alphabet of the Old Church Slavonic language. The alphabet has existed in its modern form since 1918 and consists of thirty-two letters. Belarusian is an Eastern Slavonic language with about 7.5 million speakers in Belarus. It is closely related to Russian and Ukrainian. Most Belarusians are bilingual in Belarusian and Russian.

Some Belarusian Phrases (as shown in the postcard):
What's your name? - Як цябе завуць? (Jak tsiabe zavuts'?)
Hello - Прывітанне (Pryvitan'ne)
My name is... - Мяне завуць... (Miane zavuts')
Goodbye  - Пакуʌь? (Pakul') | Да пабачэньня (Da pabachen'nia)
Nice to meet you - Прыемна пазнаёміцца! (Pryjemna paznajomitsa!)
Thank you - Дзякуй (Dziakuj)
You are welcome - Kaʌi ʌacкa! (Kali laska!)
I love you - Я цябе кахаю (Ja tsiabe kahaju)
Happy birthday - З Днём Нараджэння! (Z Dniom Naradzhen'nia!)

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