Wednesday, 20 May 2015

From Algeria with love

Valentine Greetings from Algeria
10 Mar 2015 | From Mourad of Algeria 

Now here's another Valentine greeting card I received from another male friend this time in Algeria. Though there's a different reason behind this parcel - with the Valentine card.

Mourad shared to me, through e-mail, that he received three Valentine cards from unknown 'mystery' girls. He found them in his office desk one day after having lunch - and with no notes, his friend told him that some girls left the cards for him. His friend did not spill any other details despite him begging. He was quite confused and perplexed with the situation and asked my thoughts about him. I told him not to get too bothered about it. They were probably his secret admirers, and joked that he might be the popular and good-looking one in his office. I even added that I haven't in my life received any secret Valentine cards - hahaha!

Mourad decided on sending one of the cards to me - either I keep it or give it to someone else. The latter won't work since I have no one to give it to =p The Valentine greeting card is a music-playing one. The kind of card which plays music when you flip it open. It has this very-girly-with-lots-of-rose-hearts-glitters-and-pop-ups vibe =p

Along with the card is a letter and a 2015 calendar. The envelope has a cool anime design that I suppose was drawn by his cousin.

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