Monday, 11 May 2015

Coffee and Wi-Fi

All I need is coffee and free wi-fi
3 Feb 2015 | From Edi of Romania 

This postcard arrived along with Edi's Christmas greeting card. I couldn't fully agree with what's written in front of the postcard in two ways. First, I am not an avid coffee aficionado - though I often drink a cup before heading for work. And second, I strongly believe that I don't need wi-fi in the everyday of my life. I can do other things besides surfing the internet or checking my e-mails or the Facebook newsfeed.  I can just read books, draw, listen to music, hang-out with friends, write postcards, or sleep. There are a hundred and one things to do other that browsing the internet.

But for the sake of it, I think Starbucks is the best fit for this postcard. They have some of good coffee plus free wi-fi. But I guess most people go to Starbucks for the latter - and of course the brand.

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