Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Merry Christmas from Macedonia

Christmas in Macedonia
7 Jan 2015 | From Goran of Macedonia

Среќен Божик и среќна Нова година
(Sreken Božik i srekna Nova godina)!

Macedonian people give a lot of attention to the celebration of Christmas, which begins with the Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas. Unlike most of the world the unique thing in Macedonia is that Christmas Eve is on the 6th of January and Christmas is on the 7th of January. This is because the Macedonian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar which is 14 days behind.

Christmas begins early in the morning with a service at the church. The Communion service is given only after the feuding are reconciled and invite each other to their homes as Christmas is known as a time of forgiveness and tolerance. People should clear their souls of any hate and manifest the purity of this day. In some villages in Macedonia, after the service the girls go by orchards and tie the trees to be preserved from diseases and be fruitful. This custom is accompanied by many songs and smiling faces.

Christmas is a holiday full of symbolism. The Macedonian celebration of Christmas is different from place to place, but either way Christmas cannot be imagined without the Christmas Eve, the Christmas twig, the straw and the Christmas cake. More here.

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