Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Message in a bottle

Special Delivery
3 Dec 2014 | From Poli of Netherlands

The photograph in the postcard, titled 'Special Delivery', was taken in Burbank, California in 1959 by Allan Grant. Allan Grant (October 23, 1919 – February 1, 2008) was an American photojournalist for Life magazine. He had the last photo shoot with actress Marilyn Monroe and took the first photos of Marina Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, following U.S. President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

It would be quite interesting to find or discover such messages in a bottle. I'd like to learn about the bottle's journey, what is written inside, and who wrote the message - what his or her feelings were. One of the oldest found message in a bottle was from a 20-year-old German hiker who put a message in a bottle and then set it adrift in the Baltic Sea in 1913. It has been found 101 years later not far from where it was first launched. The message asked the finder to send the postcard back to the author's home address in Berlin. With the name illegible, researchers did the next best thing. 

A message in a bottle is a form of communication whereby a message is sealed in a container (archetypically a glass bottle, but could be any medium, so long as it floats and remains waterproof) and released into the sea or ocean. Among other purposes they are used for scientific studies of ocean currents. The first recorded messages in bottles were released around 310 BC by the Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus, as part of an experiment to show that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the inflowing Atlantic Ocean.

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