Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Photographs from Fabian Yuan

San Jose in photographs 
3 Nov 2014 | From Paola of Costa Rica

Fabian, originally from Taiwan, is an owner of a vegetarian restaurant in San Jose and a friend of Paola. She wrote that despite him being from Taiwan, he knows Costa Rica more than she does.

With these photographs, Fabian hopes to share a piece of San Jose with me. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the nation's largest city. Culturally, the city can be considered almost entirely European, in part because of Spanish immigration soon after Costa Rica's contact with Christopher Columbus, and the privileged classes which generally studied in Europe during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

Locally known as Chepe, San Jose is a haven of historic neighborhoods with colonial mansions, art galleries, international restaurants, museums, colorful murals and buskers, and boutique hotels.

San José is the sixth most important destination in Latin America, according to The MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index 2012. San José ranked 15th in the world’s fastest growing destination cities by visitor cross-border spending.

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