Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Parque Nacional Tenorio, Alajuela

Catarata Río Celeste
3 Nov 2014 | From Paola of Costa Rica

Located in the canton of Upala, Province of Alajuela, in the Parque Nacional Tenorio, the Celeste River is the main attraction of the area, even squashing the Tenorio volcano that borders near their skirts.

The Celeste River provides a natural scenery of lush vegetation, diverse fauna, and a wide variety of birds. These can be seen and experienced during a hike that leads to the river and its wonders.

The journey of about four hours has many attractions: the teñideros, vials, the 

viewpoint, lagoon, hot springs and the waterfall. All can be visited in just one day. The teñideros are two streams of crystalline water, combined with volcanic 

minerals with intense blue coloration. The hot springs are areas of the river heated from volcanic minerals and remain at warm temperatures.

The viewpoint is built in a forest clear-facing the Tenorio Volcano and allows tourists to enjoy the view in all its splendor. The lagoon is where the river lies. With the lack of water movement, an intense, deep and solid blue water is formed. Swimming is not allowed in the waters of the lagoon.  

Although the waterfall is one of the first attractions to be seen in the national park tour, it is advised to visit it last as both the descent and the ascent to it are quite steep. Visiting it first might deplete your energy to even continue the rest of the hike.

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