Monday, 1 December 2014

Traditional Indonesian Umbrella - finally, I have you in my collection ;)

The Indonesian Payung
22 Oct 2014 | From Juned of Indonesia

I instantly fell in love with this postcard the first time I saw it. I love the colours, its traditional vibe, and how the lady seemed to blend with the perfectly arranged umbrellas.

It was at Postcrossing Facebook where I saw this postcard. I was randomly browsing the page when I saw this postcard in one of a post's comment. My umbrella-themed postcard collection was just starting then. I asked the Postcrosser if she may have a spare copy but unfortunately she haven't got any. Or perhaps she did mot want to swap with me. That was several months ago. I even tried to ask some Indonesian Postcrossers in Postcrossing for this postcard. But those I've asked seem to have no extra copy.

Then some months later, I was given my first Indonesian address for the official Postcrossing. It wasn't my first time sending a postcard to Indonesia (I have made swaps before) but it was my first in the official Postcrossing track. I was somewhat excited. Not that I asked him for a postcard swap in my letter or have any intentions of it, but it made me think of the umbrella postcard again. When he received my postcard though, he asked me for a postcard swap. A month later, he surprised me with this postcard!  

The payung is a traditional lacquered decorated wax paper umbrella or parasol in Indonesia. In our country, the Filipino translation for umbrella is 'payong'. These traditional payungs are known for their vibrancy in colour, meticulous details and quality of workmanship, and impressive designs. They are used as souvenirs or gifts, or with traditional dances such as the Tari Payung or Umbrella Dance - a Minangkabau’s traditional dance. Minangkabau is one of regencies in Indonesia, which is located in West Sumatra.

The photograph shown in the postcard is taken by Agus Leonardus, a photographer and lecturer at Nikon School Indonesia.

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