Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Umbrella Beauties

Women rocking the Ostsee
10 Oct 2014 | From Margot of Netherlands

A friend, who's also a postcrosser, received the same postcard months before I received this one. She got hers from swap, and it used to be one of my favourite postcards in her collection. Now, I have exactly the same postcard that I've received through the official Postcrossing track - a lovely addition to my umbrella-themed postcards.

This postcard is actually a part of the Rocking the Ostsee Postcard collection. I have checked the other postcards and I just love the vintage vibe it gives. The setting is set in the Ostsee. Ostsee is German for the Baltic Sea, a mediterranean sea located between Central and Northern Europe.

The Baltic Sea is one of the largest brackish inland seas by area. The Baltic Sea occupies a basin formed by glacial erosion during the last few ice ages.

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