Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Treasure box

A wooden lock box
4 Oct 2014 | From Antonia of Germany

My late grandpa used to have a similar wooden box where he keeps some of his personal possessions - some old-fashioned thistle cut and old English razor, fine Belgian old rocks, some oils, a watch, and a smorgasbord of little tools. It was like a ritual for him everyday to take the contents of the wooden box out one by one - checking them, cleaning them, sharpening the razors, and the like. Once finished with his work, he will return all items in their respective places. With one last look, satisfied with his little task, he will again lock the box and keep it it his room. And I was always seated in front of him in awe and fascination while he do all this.

I too found myself a similar wooden box and just like my grandpa, I kept my precious little possessions inside. Marbles, cards, broken crayons, toy cars, some pieces of notes, stones. But as I grew older, got busy with other stuffs like school, cable t.v., my bike... the wooden box got shoved further and further into oblivion that is under my bed.

The box and its contents are probably gone. But the warm and nostalgic memories attached to it will always remain.

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