Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A sweet treat

Milk and cupcakes
4 Oct 2014 | From Guste of Lithuania

Guste sent the postcard in an envelope and she managed to completely fill up the postcards with greetings and stories to share - her new job as a sophomore teacher, the last movie she saw (Good Will Hunting), books she's reading, the music she listens to, and the summer season in her country. She wrote her lovely messages as if writing to an old close friend. It was warm, friendly, and sincere. It was conversational that I also enjoyed giving my reply when I registered the postcard. It was a fun read - in a postcard-letter perspective :)

She added that she chose this postcard because she just couldn't resist such delicious food. It would be nice to have some milk and cupcakes while reading a long letter or having conversations with some dear friends :) Hmm but I prefer spicy food though - hahaha!

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