Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Penghu Islands

The Beauty of Penghu
26 Sept 2014 | From Jialin of Taiwan

An ancient house and an old cow, though they have past ages, the persistence and blessing still remains.

The Penghu or Pescadores Islands are an archipelago of 64 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait between mainland China and Taiwan Island. The sea around Penghu is a saturated turquoise and the sand coral. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, glorious temples and a plethora of traditional Chinese-style homes which are surrounded by walls made from coral. 

Penghu's main islands are accessible by boat or plane from Taiwan and also by plane from an island just off the coast from Xiamen called Jinmen. Penghu’s main islands included the administrative divisions of Magong City (馬公市), Huxi (湖西), Baisha (白沙), and Xiyu (西嶼). Penghu's only city is Magong.

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