Friday, 17 October 2014

My third Jetoy postcard

White cat with heterochromatic eyes
26 Sept 2014 | From Wei-yi of Malaysia

This is my third Jetoy postcard: first is a black cat with white patches, then a black cat (also from Wei-yi), and then this one. Incidentally, one of the first postcards (probably third or fourth) I have received since joining Postcrossing is my first Jetoy postcard. It was sent from Hong Kong. I love cats but I've never thought of collecting cat-themed postcards. In time though I think I have unexpectedly collected a humble amount of cat postcards.

Just like this cat, it was a dream (or fantasy) of mine to have heterochromatic eyes. Heterochromia of the eye, or heterochromia iridis, is a fancy word for different-colored eyes. I want a grey one and a green one. I think it's so cool! It is such a beautiful and interesting physical mutation.

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