Thursday, 16 October 2014

An Ian Huebert illustration

Molly Cornfield
26 Sept 2014 | From Sarah-Cate of USA

Sarah-Cate sent me this lovely postcard as thanks for the one I sent her through the official Postcrossing. She said that sehe decided to send me this postcard upon reading in my profile that I am drawn to the weird and the eccentric. I suppose seeing a girl on top of a flying humongous corn (or a little girl on top of a corn?) would count as weird.

Ian Huebert is a San Francisco-based artist. Huebert designed the cover for Matthew Zapruder’s newest collection of poems Sun Bear (Copper Canyon, 2014). He also created the cover art for Dan Chelott’s X (McSweeney’s, 2013), Jeff Alessandrelli’s Don’t Let Me Forget to Feed the Sharks (Poor Claudia, 2012), and is the primary cover artist for the chapbooks released by Dikembe Press. In addition to designing covers for collection of contemporary poetry, though, Huebert also is an accomplished cartoonist and minimalist poet. Over the course of the past year or two, he has self-published a limited-run chapbook series of his drawings and poetry, titled Comb.

Source: Vouchedbooks

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