Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An Andrew Konovalov photograph

Lines of transfer of hopes
26 Sept 2014 | From Lena of Russia

This postcard is sort of something taken out from the pages of a fashion magazine. I love the subdued monochromatic character of the photograph. For me, it is quite more appealing and dramatic than the coloured ones. I am artistically drawn to it.

The lady in the postcard does seem hopeful and longing for something or someone. It's as if she's patiently waiting for someone as she stares into the vast space. Well, that is what I would want her to portray :p Maybe a more subtle hint of loneliness and expression in her eyes would make the picture more stunning.

Ironically, this postcard also reminds me of my long commute every time I visit my hometown. I would always see those electrical transmission towers and waves of grass as I peek through the bus window during my - longing to get home and daydreaming of my days ahead.

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