Monday, 15 September 2014

Writings on a rock

Chinese Inscriptions
29 Aug 2014 | From Aki of China

The postcard provided no details about the picture shown in front, and the sender did not write any about it either. I sent a picture of the postcard to my friend in China to help me with the translations or at least if he knew any detail about the picture shown in the postcard. He said that he can read the words in red easily but haven't got any idea of what it means. It's a big rock or a rock of a hill called Ming Shan (Shan means hill or mount and Ming is its name). This view is in Fujian Province near the sea. 

I am curious as to what the incriptions mean and for what purpose was it written. I also wonder if it is dedicated to someone or something. Or just random words of dedication, greetings, gratitude, etc. The Chinese language must be quite difficult in sense that even they do not know the meaning (or how to read) of some of their words. Though my friend told me that the texts in the rock might probably be some old Chinese characters.

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