Friday, 12 September 2014

The Town of Umbrellas

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival
29 Aug 2014 | From Film of Thailand

Bo Sang is a village in San Kamphaeng district in the outskirts of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The Bo Sang Umbrella Festival celebrates village’s reputation as the community that creates Thailand’s most famous umbrellas made from Saa paper. It is known for its handmade umbrellas and parasols, which are brightly coloured, and often decorated with floral motifs.

At first it was just a profitable hobby that supplemented the villagers’ earnings from the annual rice crop. The festival was conceptualized in 1941 when the production of the Saa paper umbrellas prospered. During the three-day festival, streets are illuminated by lanterns, while hundreds of umbrellas are hung from the rafters and beams of houses and shops. The festival is made colorful and loud with all the music, concerts, pageants, and food. People gather to celebrate Bor Sang’s innovative handicraft skills.

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