Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mozambican art

Art pieces in the Maputo outskirts
4 Jul 2014 | From Luis of Mozambique

Mozambicans are artistically talented people. They are renowned for wood carvings, pottery, paintings, dyed fabrics, and jewelry-making. During the last years of the colonial period, Mozambican art reflected the oppression by the colonial power, and became symbol of the resistance. After independence in 1975, the modern art came into a new phase.

The postcard shows some street arts in Matalana (Maputo outskirts). Painted figures (top) made out of clay are quite popular with artists and purchasers alike. They may appear to the eye as somewhat bizarre, but that just make them more sought-after. Then there are painted murals (below) with many bright colors. They is art everywhere - in the streets, walls, even on the floors.

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