Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Beer and Football

Two mugs of beer
4 Jul 2014 | From Denise of Germany

Denise chose this postcard for me so that she could send me a piece of summer. It was summer when Denise wrote this postcard. She shared that days are now getting longer - the sun rising before 6 in the morning, and setting just before 10 in the evening. With temperature rising to between 20~30 degree Celsius, people would meet up with friends in the park for barbecue, or go to a beergarden and have beer while chatting about life - and of course cheering for their team at the Football World Cup 2014.

Beer is a major part of German culture. And football is almost like religion to them. Beer makes football more fun, and football is all about having a lot fun. Beergardens in Germany are packed during this season. TV screens which air the matches are set up. Nearly everyone will be watching the matches, cheering together should their team score a goal, or mourning in case their team would lose a match.

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