Thursday, 10 April 2014

My first postcard from UAE

2 Jan 2014 | From Patricia of UAE

Patricia and I arranged this postcard swap last December 2013. I chose this postcard from the list she showed me, and then she asked a surprise postcard from me. Deciding which postcard to send her was a bit hard especially when she told me she already have a lot of postcards from the Philippines and from most countries (luckily the one I sent her is not a duplicate).

I never knew she would actually send the postcard from UAE, so I was surprised when I received it, read her message, and looked at the stamp - it's a UAE stamp!

About the card, a burqa is an outer garment worn by women in Islamic societies for the purpose of concealing their bodies and/or face. It is mostly worn when a woman leaves her home and is compelled to wear it until she returns. The burqa is worn throughout Middle Eastern nations and most Muslim nations around the world, with a few liberal or democratic governments being less strict about its use.

Source: Quran-Islam

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