Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lottery Postcard from Phoebe (Taiwan)

Okayama Gotochi Card
8 Feb 2014 | From Phoebe of Taiwan

I won this postcard from Phoebe's lottery. She will be traveling to Japan so she initiated this lottery. She asked a series of questions about Japan in Facebook, and I was able to answer three correctly. Initially, the postcard I won was that of a picture of a samurai. However she was not able to find a copy in Japan so she sent me this instead :)

Phoebe shared to me this interesting tale about Momotarou (Peach Boy), the boy in the postcard. Okayama is the native town of Momotarou. It was said that Momotarou was found living in a peach. When he grew up, we went to fight against the evils on the ghost island. During his trip, he met a dog, a monkey, and a bird. All of them became friends.

Okayama has many sunny days throughout the year. In combination with its mild climate, this makes it the ideal place for growing fruit. Many different kinds of fruits, including white peaches and grapes, are grown here. The fruit of Okayama is a popular brand among the people of Japan. - Discover Okayama

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