Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Swiss folk costumes

Costume Women - Appenzell
24 Apr 2015 | From Sara of Switzerland

Trachtenfrauen may literally be translated to 'costume women'. Tracht is a traditional garment in German-speaking countries. Although the word is most often associated with Bavarian and Austrian garments many other peoples of Germany have them. The postcard shows some women in traditional dresses of Appenzell in Switzerland. Appenzell is Switzerland's most traditional region.

Appenzell, or Appenzellerland, is a region and historical canton in the northeast of Switzerland, entirely surrounded by the Canton of St. Gallen. Appenzell is an alpine region, particularly in the south, where the Alpstein limestone range is found, though towards the north the surface is composed rather of green hills, separating green hollows in which nestle neat villages and small towns.

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