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Traditional dress of Slovakia

Decorated and cultural - the Slovak Kroje
24 Apr 2015 | From Zuzana of Slovakia

This is one of the two than-you postcards that Zuzana sent me for the postcard I sent her through the official Postcrossing track.

No other European country has as strong and diverse folk traditions as Slovakia. Not surprising, considering that Slovakia has been at the crossroads of both traders and invaders for millennia – bringing goods and ideas from many other cultures and stimulating creativity in the making of everyday objects, entertainment and celebrations. Slovakia is proud of its rich folklore and folk traditions. Each region, city, and municipality has a unique character and folklore – costumes, music, songs, architecture, customs, traditions, dances and dialects.

Slovakia is a country with rich heritage of folklore. In the past, songs, costumes, and customs were a way to preserve national identity. Every region, even villages, had its own distict folk costume as a way of identification. 

The traditional dress of Slovakia has the influences from the medieval style of clothing that was gradually altered with different patterns, designs and modifications. The changing occurred due to the foreigners that used to come in the region and the historic fashion trends in the clothing were evolved. New kinds of raw materials were introduced in the region and variations were brought according to the geographic and climatic need as well. In the lowland areas of Slovakia, people usually preferred linen and the costumes were of loose nature while in the mountainous areas, woolen textiles and furs were also used and the clothing was fashioned more tightly. Today, it is only a matter of festive occasion to dress up traditionally in every state of Slovakia.

Kroje or “kro-yeh” is the typical name of the decorated,traditional and cultural dress worn by the Czechs and the Slovaks. Women’s traditional dress in Slovakia was characterized by a long, large skirt and a white blouse with large sleeves tapered to the wrists. Men’s traditional wear in Slovakia was fashioned to the town style of the period and the accessories included narrow trousers, tight waistcoat, jacket tapered to the waist etc. The dresses were usually made from cotton (skirts and summer trousers) and wool. Woolen material in white, blue and black was used for festive trousers, waistcoats and jackets. These were adorned with braiding.

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