Sunday, 16 August 2015

The charming beauty of Vietnamese schoolgirls

School Girls from Mekong Delta
17 Apr 2015 | From Isabel of the Philippines

Áo dài is the typical Vietnamese formal girl's dress. It is worn in white by high school girls in Vietnam. Schoolgirls look more tender, gentle and womanly when wearing Ao Dai. Ao Dai’s design is considered as reserving with foreigners but showing the charming of Vietnamese women. The design is sewn reservedly above. The collar is designed highly, which makes the Vietnamese women’s neck look balance with their body. The waist is sewn closely in order to make the charming of the women. Especially, the lap of dress was split into 2 sides of the waist in order to be easy for moving and taking the viewer’s attention.

The postcard is a souvenir from Isabel, a friend and former colleague, during her 2015 Vietnam tour.

Source: All Vietnam

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