Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sosnowiec's oldest building

Sosnowiec and the Zamek Sielecki
17 Apr 2015 | From Marcin of Poland

Sosnowiec is a city county in Zagłębie Dąbrowskie in southern Poland and also part of the Silesian Metropolis municipal association. Located in the eastern part of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region, it is one of the cities of the Katowice urban area. Its name comes from Polish word sosna, referring to the pine forests which were common prior to 1830. It was originally known as Sosnowice.

The postcard shows the Zamek Sielecki, the oldest building in Sosnowiec. Situated on the left bank of the Black Przemsza, its history dates back to the Middle Ages. Today the castle houses the Sosnowiec Art Center. This self-government institution establishes the cultural life of the city by organizing exhibitions, concerts and various meetings of cultural creativity.

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