Sunday, 16 August 2015

In the Labyrinth of Time

Transition Period
17 Apr 2015 | From Tatiana of Indonesia

This is only my third steampunk postcard. The postcard features a steampunk artwork of Vadim Voitekhovitch, Belarus-born artist who has lived in Germany since 2004. He received his education and training at the Bobruisk Art College. He creates visually stunning, powerful land-, city- and airscapes, full with detailed visions of a past that never was. He also shares an enthusiasm for Zeppelins and airships.

I've always been fascinated by steampunk beaause they always seem to be filled with adventure, mysteries to solve, and conspiracies to uncurl. There is a huge sense of the unknown, yet there is a freedom attached to it. It is both fantasy and science fiction, and I love its fusion of technology and elegance.

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