Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dutch Wooden Shoes

10 Apr 2015 | From Emma of Netherlands

A klomp (plural klompen) is a clog from the Netherlands. Klompen are whole feet clogs. They are sold throughout the Netherlands. A large part of the market is for tourist souvenirs. Most Dutch people don’t wear clogs anymore. The only group of people that still wear them are rural workers. Clogs keep your feet dry, are very safe and wearing them is even considered to be healthy. 

The traditional all-wooden Dutch clogs have been officially accredited as safety shoes with the CE mark and can withstand almost any penetration including sharp objects and concentrated acids. They are actually safer than steel-capped protective shoes in some circumstances, as the wood cracks rather than dents in extreme accidents, allowing easy removal of the clog and not continued pressure on the toes by the (edge of the) steel nose.

Klompen can be made from willow or poplar.

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