Monday, 15 June 2015

A Vera Nefedova artwork

From Russia with Love
18 Mar 2015 | From Lelya of Russia

Lelya haven't received a postcard from the Philippines yet, and so thought of doing a swap with me. She showed me her postcard-for-swap album - and from the hundred of postcards uploaded, I narrowed my choices into 3 and told her to pick one from those. And so this is the one she picked. The other two? A Johnny Depp postcard (I realized I should have just chosen this one in the first place) and a Ferris Wheel postcard for my collection.

The picture shown in the postcard is from Vera Nefedova, originally from Cyprus, a freelance artist from Russia. She have her portfolio uploaded in her deviantart page. At first I thought the picture was of a nude photography displaying very detailed and creative body paint. But a closer look somehow betrays that thought.

With the tree motiff, don't you think the picture makes a good 'Save the Earth' or 'Save the Trees' poster? :p

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