Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sunset over Kazan

Kazan, Russia
11 Feb 2015 | From Liliya of Russia 

Kazan is the capital of Russia's republic of Tatarstan and the center of the world Tatar culture. With a rich history, deep culture and strong economic influence, Kazan holds the title of "The Third Capital of Russia" after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. By many measures, Kazan has the one of the highest standards of living in Russia, following after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Kazan has just recently earned the reputation of a sports city, due to its recent investments in this domain. Kazan has long been a focal point of higher education in Russia. It remains a university city, with some of Russia's top universities.

Located between Europe and Asia, having both Russian and Tatar populations, Kazan peacefully blends Muslim and Christian cultures. This vibrant city with over 1000 years of history is an excellent travel destination, and the number of tourists visiting is rapidly increasing every year.

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