Monday, 18 May 2015

My first postcard from Oman

The Jabrin Castle
25 Feb 2015 | From Patrick of Germany

When I received this postcard, I initially thought that it was a non-German postcard sent from Germany. The stamps are not usually the first thing that I look at when I flip over a postcard. But as I continued reading his message and then looked at the stamps, the postcard was actually sent from Oman. I did not recognize the tiny flag detail in the postcard. Patrick was once in the US Navy who now teaches English in Germany. He sent the postcard while in holiday in Oman.

The postcard features the Jabrin Castle in the small town of Jabrin in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate in northeastern Oman. Yaruba dynasty Imam Bil'arab bin Sultan, who ruled from 1679 to 1692. Rising without competition from the surrounding plain, Jabrin Castle is an impressive and one of the best preserved and whimsical castles in Oman. 

The town of Jabrin in the northwest interior of Oman is famous for the Jabrin Fort, which is the biggest and most impressive fort in Oman. Being a fort, there are lots of defensive features such as the high & thick walls, cannons, towers and holes for shooting arrows and guns. The architecture of Jabrin Fort is simply amazing, and it is constantly being restored to enable future generations to visit and marvel at this man-made wonder.

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