Thursday, 14 May 2015

Let it rain

Seasons: Summer rain
11 Feb 2015 | From Ilona of United Kingdom 

Upon learning that I collect umbrella-themed postcards, Ilona eagerly sent me this lovely postcard for my collection. She added that she wanted to send it to me no matter what - and I am happy and thankful for it.

The postcard reminded me of the hot rainy summer days or even those drizzly, cold summer days. When we were little, my siblings and I would always play and bathe under the rain, enjoying the raindrops as they fall upon us. We would make mud pies garnished with litlle stones, leaves, or twigs; or we'd go mud surfing; we'd slide, glide, and run. We'd ride our bikes, or go for a bush walk. Just because it is wet outside doesn't mean you can't have fun.

And the some times I would sit by the window and watch as the rain falls into the ground. I just love how the rain softens everything and blurs the edges. And its sound is so soothing. It as if washes everything - the ground, the houses, the trees. I never let the rain dampen my spirits. But I somehow hate how the rain makes me feel alone sometimes.

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