Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Merry Christmas from Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia
7 Jan 2015 | From Wei Yi of Malaysia 

Christianity in Malaysia is a minority religion practiced by 9.2% of the population (2010 census), most living in East Malaysia. As such, Christmas in Malaysia may not be as festive and long as comapred to other parts of the world. In Malaysia, Christmas is only celebrated on Christmas Eve. The actual first day of Christmas is often business as usual for many Malaysians. The lush decorations cannot be taken down soon enough after Christmas, as then all the mall will repeat the same ‘contest’ for the nearing New Years Eve (which is immediately followed by Chinese New Year preparations). The is no second day of Christmas, as this is only custom in a few countries in the world.

Most Malaysians, celebrating or not, flock to the shopping malls – a typical Malaysian past time. There, they enjoy the activities and events organized by the malls and even do some shopping, taking advantage of the Christmas and Year End Sale. On the night of Christmas eve, when the clock strikes twelve, various locations perform firework displays to welcome Christmas with a bang. Malaysians flock to these locations earlier during the day to get good spots to view the magnificent displays of fireworks.

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