Thursday, 26 March 2015

Vegas Dream

Chacun trouve son rêve à Las Vegas
7 Jan 2015 | From Sophie of France

'Chacun trouve son rêve à Las Vegas' is translated to 'Everyone finds his dream in Las Vegas' in English - something that Sophie finds hard to believe. Incidentally, there is a Production show in Vegas titled 'Le Rêve' or The Dream. It combines water, fire, swimming, acrobatics and spectacular effects. Le Rêve is all about leaving reality behind to explore the sometimes surreal and dark world of the subconscious during sleep. The water-based show at Wynn Las Vegas, was inspired by a 1932 painting of the same name by Pablo Picasso. The painting, which portrays Picasso's mistress, is colorful and abstract -- qualities that are also embodied in the show.

'Le Rêve' welcomes you into an exciting and mysterious world inside an incredible aqua theater-in-the-round. From a thrilling high dive to an underwater tango, the stunning performers and breathtaking aerial feats of strength and agility will mesmerize you from beginning to end.


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