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Reasons to Believe

More ways to say 'friend'
24 Nov 2014 | From Michael of UK

A friend, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a person who you like and enjoy being with - a person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts. amigo, chum, confidant, confidante, mate, pal, bud, buddy,  companion, pal, partner, china (British & South Africa, informal), crony, playmate, main man (slang, mainly US), homeboy (slang, mainly US), cobber (Australian & New Zealand), cuzzie or cuzzie-bro (New Zealand), E hoa (New Zealand, old-fashioned & informal) - all and possibly more may be referred to as friend. In the Philippines, the Filipino equivalent for friend is 'kaibigan'. In Pampango, a local Philippine language I speak, a friend is 'kaluguran'. In Japanese, a language I am keen on learning, a friend is translated as '友達' (ともだち, tomodachi). And in German, a language I hear a lot from a friend, it is 'freund'.

There's more ways to say friend, pal or buddy than enemy. This is one of the million reasons to believe in a better world. "Reasons to Believe" is a global campaign to celebrate 125 years of Coca Cola’s existence. It was inspired by an investigation conducted by The Coca-Cola Company globally, to see how strong our reasons to believe in a better world really are. The results of the research were both astonishing and touching and have thus resulted in a local campaign focused on inspiring optimism and encouraging positive action.

"This campaign takes us back to the heartland of what our brand has always stood for – talking to people on an emotional level about topics that are relevant to them and spreading happiness and optimism", explained Bríd Drohan-Stewart, marketing activation director, Coca‑Cola Great Britain and Ireland. Coca‑Cola as a brand has never been afraid to speak its mind and has an authentic cultural depth across the world - everyone in some way has a nostalgic connection with the brand, evoking happy memories.

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