Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A letter from the Bay Area

Postcard, comic, and a letter
24 Nov 2014 | From Teddy of USA

Prior to this mail, I've received an official Postcrossing postcard from Teddy - a postcard showing the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Ferris Wheel. Through that postcard, he asked for a direct swap. And a month later, I've received this envelope from him. Enclosed are a letter, postcard, and a comic strip.

The card has a Nikki McClure art for its design titled 'Sometimes she talks to crows'. Nikki McClure of Olympia, Washington is known for her painstakingly intricate and beautiful paper cuts.Armed with an X-acto knife, she cuts out her images from a single sheet of paper and creates a bold language that translates the complex poetry of motherhood, nature, and activism into a simple and endearing picture. Nikki's images exude a positivity that revolves around community, sustenance, parenting, and appreciating both the urban and rural landscape, undoubtedly influenced by her home in the Northwest and specifically Olympia.

Teddy referred to the comic strip as the 'zine' as in magazine. A zine is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier.A lot of people, especially the anarchist types like to make for all kinds of reason from politics, religion, to personal travels. The one he sent me is titled 'Breaking up with your bank'. I find it interesting since I work for a IT software banking company.

And in the letter, Teddy wrote about the place where he is from - The Bay Area of California. The Bay Area, or the San Francisco Bay Area, is a geographically diverse and extensive metropolitan region. He wrote about how his town, Santa Cruz, used to be laid-back and liberal. But is now becoming more expensive and lucrative. The dynamics of the town is being changed by this rich people. He added that he don't like how it is changing. But somehow he needs to accept it and deal with it.

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