Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My dear old couch

Sloshed. From Stay Tuned postcards
7 Nov 2014 | From Priyanga of USA

Nathan Fox is one of the most distinctive voices working in comics today, his colorful, rock and roll-infused work has been featured in works from Batman and Heavy Metal Magazine to the critically acclaimed series DMZ and Pigeons from Hell.

Stay Tuned is a collection of 30 postcards that showcases Nathan Fox's poppy fantasia of reckless color, cheeky pin-ups, and rock-and-roll-infused imagery. I suppose this postcard is a representation of a true couch potato. Seated comfortably on a chair, a drink and remote at hand, food and chips nearby, and spending so much time watching television.

Being a couch Potato may be more harmful than you think. The idea of "couch potatoes" tends to conjure up images of overweight, lazy unkempt slacker-types or idlers whose recreation consists chiefly of watching television and videos. According to studies, being inactive causes your body to create more fat within your already-existing fat cells, so the cells themselves become larger. The damage is irreversible. Even an hour at the gym will not counteract the irreversible, harmful effects that hours of inactivity have on your body.

Before things end up to anything worse, stop being such a couch potato - avoid a couch potato lifestyle. Keep away from the TV. Go out. Jog. Explore your neighborhood. Go to the gym. Meet your friends. Cut back all junk food and other stuff. And designate your couch for other specific and worthwhile purpose. Get healthy. Stay healthy :)

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