Friday, 9 January 2015

Bulgaria in 4 Seasons

Changing Seasons in Bulgaria
28 Oct 2014 | From Marika of Bulgaria

The postcard showcases the beautiful scenery of Bulgaria as captured in four seasons. Bulgaria has a temperate-continental climate with moderate features which is characteristic for Central Europe. with hot summers, long, cold winters and very distinct seasons. Bulgaria enjoys a temperate climate with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, often with heavy snow.

Winter time is characterized by abundant snowfalls. Rainfall is highest in the mountains, and in winter life throughout Bulgaria is sometimes disrupted by heavy snowfalls. When the snow begins to melt and the greenery becomes increasingly visible, it is the first sign that spring is on its way. The smell of freshly cut grass and flowers blossoming on the trees are typical in springtime.

The summer in Bulgaria can get very hot, but can be a nice break from the cold weather of the previous winter. September is perhaps one of the best months to see Bulgaria. The autumn trees are glorious, fruit and vegetables are plentiful, the tourist hordes have returned home, and you can still sunbathe and swim in the Black Sea.

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