Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A postcard from Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

The Spirit Realm
4 Oct 2014 | From Eriko of Japan

The postcard seemed vaguely familiar until I realized it is a setting from the movie Spirited Away. The Spirit Realm or the Spirit World is the main setting for this Japanese animated film. It is home to The Bathhouse owned by Yubaba and Zeniba's Cottage, two of the film's core locations. The Spirit Realm is largely similar and directly linked to the Human World. Like the Human World the Spirit Realm is quite large in size, with most of its revealed locations covered in a vast amount of water.

Spirited Away is of my Ghible favourites. It  tells the story of Chihiro Ogino (Hiiragi), a sullen ten-year-old girl who, while moving to a new neighborhood, enters the spirit world. After her parents are transformed into pigs by the witch Yubaba (Natsuki), Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba's bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world.

This postcard was from the Ghibli Museum, a museum showcasing the work of the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. It is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, a western city of Tokyo, Japan. The museum combines features of a children's museum, technology museum, and a fine arts museum, and is dedicated to the art and technique of animation.

Scene from the movie 'Spirited Away'

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