Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Adler Tattoo

Tattoo woes
22 Oct 2014 | From Andreas of Germany

This is the first postcard Andreas sent to me since returning from his recent 3-week trip to South Africa. He even sent me a 10 Rand from South Africa. 

Andreas picked this postcard for me after learning that I've got some tattoos - a shinobi character in my right wrist and a tribal tiger tattoo in my left arm. The words written in older lady's speech bubble translate to 'My tattoo was also an eagle.' Well we do all know what happened to it as time goes by.

Getting a tattoo was one of my bucketlist of things to do before I die. I would always say 'get a tattoo, regret it later.' Some say that I should think long term - on how would I look like in the future as an old man with tattoos (I would probably look cool? =p). Or would it reduce my chances of landing a job. There will always be people who make negative comments about tattoos or don't like it. But I never really care about what the people around me think. 

I never regretted my decision of getting a tattoo. I want it and have put a lot of thought into it. My family and friends aren't against it either. In fact I am considering of getting my third one. It has been more than two years when I got inked with my first tattoos. I remembered being afraid at first when I heard the sounds of the tattoo tools as the artist made preparations. I was on the verge of running! Turned out it isn't that painful as I thought. It was an adventure of sorts =p

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