Monday, 13 October 2014

The Missing Nose Flute and Other Mysteries of Life

And at dusk, we'd sit back and air our souls
10 Sept 2014 | From Rick of USA

This is probably one of the most fully-written postcards I have received in the official Postcrossing track - not to mention that the postcard is huge.

From all the things that Rick wrote in the postcard, what caught me the most is when he shared that I remind him of his son - mainly from the "attitude" of how I write and how I lay out my words. And then he continued that he lost his son 8 years ago.

About the postcard, it is from the unconventional collection of 'The Missing Nose Flute and Other Mysteries of Life'. It is a postcard book with a difference. Antique postcards, with their soft hand-tinting and naive world view, are given a new twist by the bizarre - even mordant - captions that accompany them.

I used to do the same, as shown in the postcard, when I was younger. I would sit on my back and see how long can I stay on that position. I would stretch my legs as high as I can as if reaching something with my feet. And then I will eventually get tired, just lie down, and stare at the ceiling or at the sky.

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