Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dutch Barrel Man

Tattooed guy in a barrel
26 Sept 2014 | From Bertie of Netherlands

This postcard actually reminded me of the barrel man souvenir figurine of Baguio, Philippines (see photo below). The Barrel Man is probably the most famous and iconic wood carving one can buy in Baguio City. As Wikipedia defines it, "A barrel man is a souvenir doll or statuette popular in the Philippines. The statuette usually consists of a crude male figurine carved out of wood, partially hidden inside a round wooden barrel. When the barrel is taken off, the male figure inside is revealed, sporting a prominent phallic protrusion in the lower part of the figure's anatomy."

We may have such a figurine displayed in our home before. I do remember seeing one when I was younger. We would always spend our summer in Baguio and definitely we wouldn't miss buying one. But the item in question has long been gone :p

The postcard also reminded me of my long forgotten plan of getting my third tattoo. Well, there is still plenty of time. Hmm so what tattoo will it be? Definitely not a barrel man :p

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