Thursday, 25 September 2014

World. Technology. Humanity

The impact of technological advancement
10 Sept 2014 | From Cyd of USA

The postcard shows a half picture of a globe converged to what seems to be a motherboard. It reflects the technological advances and evolution that is massively spreading throughout the world. Technology influences human existence by bringing new improvements and substantial growth to our lives, as well as the "side effects" and risks attached to it.

Making a lot of processes digital does not necessarily increase the comfort of people. Somehow I am happy to have spent my childhood before technology took over. Kids actually go out and play, interacts with people, feel the sun or the rain. We may get bruises or cuts while riding a self-made sled or running recklessly playing tag, but they were all fun and say, exciting. Life was simpler. Things were uncomplicated. Days were safer. And android was just a character from a cartoon, and apple and blackberry were nothing more than just fruits.

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