Friday, 26 September 2014

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The Art of Living
10 Sept 2014 | From Elina of Finland

'Elämisen taito on maailman kaunein taito' translates to 'The art of living is the world's most beautiful skill'. It definitely is a skill each person must learn to master, or at least learn how to stop existing and start living.

Existing is simply being here, there - on earth. Not doing anything of any significance, staying on a boring routine, not taking chances, having no control of your decisions - just breathing. Living is being in control of your life, doing things your way. It's fulfilling your dreams, finding something meaningful, making yourself happy, taking action, and actually changing something.

In general, someone who exists feels as if everything is outside of their control while someone living is about knowing what you want in life. You try to find meaning in everything. Living involves thoughts, feelings, and emotions - understands them and not letting it interfere with our decisions.

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