Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ukrainian Symbolisms

Flowers and Wheat
26 Aug 2014 | From Lidiya of Ukraine

I was trying to translate the words written in from the postcard. According to Google Translate, "Зі Святом!" means "Congratulations" in English. "Binabati kita" is the closest translation we have for "congratulations" in Filipino.

Sunflower, conflower, wheat, wheat berries - they must hold a strong importance and symbolisms in Ukraine. Sunflower in Ukrainian folklore and tradition is the symbol of the solar energy, of the vigor of life and of well-being. In Ukrainian heraldry, the sunflower symbolizes fertility, unity, solar power and fecundity. Cornflower is a symbol of a subtle and beautiful soul, righteousness and virtue, or purity, modesty and friendliness. There are lots of wheat fields in Ukraine and the Ukranians deemed it reasonable to put the color yellow on their flag. In their culture, wheat wishes for good health and a good harvest.

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